Wassup im Ryan. I like to ice skate... like alot. I like electronic and instrumental music. Im really straight with people, and dont mind what they think of me. I love to eat. Thats like all i do. Especially mochi and bubble tea. I can be pretty loud, mostly when I speak of things I am passionate about. I enjoy philosophy and marine zoology. I hate hypebeasts and the emphasis on materialism that american society promotes. I recently started reading. That stuffs crazy. Its like pictures and feelings, but from words



"begin your essay with an interesting fact or quote"
im gonna fucking ACE this essay


this took me a rly long time but yeah here ya go c: hope this is helpful
art references
paint online
paint tool sai brushes
mypaint (its free & kinda like photoshop)
firealpca (its free & a mix between sai and photoshop)
photoshop (for free n other stuff)
more textures
more brushes
things to draw
more things to draw
anatomy ref
another rly good anatomy ref
how to draw anything??
how to draw mouths
color scheme tools
face contouring/highlighting
become a better artist 
increase your creativity
tutorial masterpost
another tutorial masterpost
paint tool sai masterpost
drawing ref masterpost
youtube to mp3 converter
8tracks playlist downloader
download youtube videos
convert anything to anything
brownie in a mug recipe
cookie in a mug recipe
mac n cheese in a mug
study snacks
40 on-the-go recipes
salad recipes
harry potter food recipes
s’mores pie
nutella hot chocolate
starbucks secret menu
vegan cookbook masterpost
mug snacks
personal help
sex ed you probably never learned
transgender resources
more transgender resources
self harm alternatives
take your mind off it
video guide on how to escape rape
getting gender neutral pronouns on facebook
makeup/hair/beauty things
winged eyeliner tutorial
makeup tips masterpost
newspaper nail tutorial
filling in eyebrows
space buns
trick to liquid eyeliner
different ways to braid your hair
clothing ref
school n studying
teaches everything??
HUGE studying masterpost
pull an all-nighter and still do well on an exam
write an essay
finals survival guide
learning website
make flashcards
tutoring website
essay writing help
essay writing help
study like a college kid
free microsoft word
pretend to type an essay
educational links
writing references masterpost
survive college
solves any math problem (2)
earn a cute kitten picture after writing
get motivated to study
productive study breaks
microsoft word equivalent
how to Google
Scholarpedia (its like wikipedia but with reliable sources)
when should I go to bed?
study to these sounds
200 words that describe light
character flaws
writers block?
death scenes
how to keep a journal
read some slam poetry
huge writing masterpost 
how to reveal character
help with writer’s block
find out which author you write like
write interactive books  (kind of like choose your own adventure)
good brainstorming/ organizing tool
zen writing tool
writing masterpost
theme/tumblr things
tile backgrounds
redux edit masterpost
hq background pics
mass tag replacer
dropdown link code
general tumblr tips
more tumblr tips
unicode symbol map
how to add favicons
basic HTML formatting guide
tutorial blog
theme coding tutorials
billy audio player
another audio player
make your own theme
codes masterpost
movies and tv shows
list of disney/pixar/marvel movies
studio ghibli movies
sad movies
halloween movies
comedy movies
christmas movies
once upon a time episodes
all american horror story seasons
all supernatural seasons
master list of other tv shows


this took me a rly long time but yeah here ya go c: hope this is helpful

art references



personal help

makeup/hair/beauty things

school n studying


theme/tumblr things

movies and tv shows

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