Wassup im Ryan. I like to ice skate... like alot. I like electronic and instrumental music. Im really straight with people, and dont mind what they think of me. I love to eat. Thats like all i do. Especially mochi and bubble tea. I can be pretty loud, mostly when I speak of things I am passionate about. I enjoy philosophy and marine zoology. I hate hypebeasts and the emphasis on materialism that american society promotes. I recently started reading. That stuffs crazy. Its like pictures and feelings, but from words


I miss the days when I was a beta, and I felt comfortable talking about my problems with people. 

Well looks like its time to get my shit together when it comes to schoolwork

and just like that, I am going to start wrecking again. The problem was that I fell into a stupid romantic state where all i do is party, train, sleep, and goof off. I now realize that although I need to party, train, and sleep, goofing off is not necessary. When i started taking my training more seriously, I was told that I had to choose between training and talking/hanging with my friends. I think I can do both as long as I don’t waste time

I no longer fight to calm down. I cannot shadowbox my problems away

I used to do this thing. Where I would imagine the negative emotion or feeling, as an opponent, and simply fight it in my mind. I guess I outgrew that, because now, all that i can do is sit and wait. Wait for the emotion to pass.  


"begin your essay with an interesting fact or quote"
im gonna fucking ACE this essay